Letter: A

Number: 2

12:30 Self-Directed learning – stencils

12:40 Alphabet, weather, calendar, letter and number of the day.

12:45 Reading time/phonograms (letter sounds)

12:50 Seat work – ‘A’ worksheet/coloring sheet

1:00    Music Circle Time

Hello Song                Shout Hooray!

Beat                            Who Stole the Treasure from the Treasure Chest?

Creative Improv      Copycat

Solfege                      Learn Do, Re, Mi and Row, Row, Row, Your Boat

Counting                   Ten Little Pirates

Social                         Show and Tell

Movement               Walk the Plank, Hoist the Sails – Pirates of the Caribbean theme (dance with scarves)

Music Learning       The Black Keys (to learn the black keys on the piano)

Learning                    Alphabet Rhumba

Singing                       children choose songs

1:30    Outside play – duck duck goose

1:55    Wash hands

2:00    Storytime/snack – Orange slices

2:10    Creating Project – Father’s Day Cards and Pirate Hats

2:20    Math/Science Skills – Fishing

2:30    Time to go home


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