E and 6

12:30 Self-Directed learning stations

12:40 Alphabet, weather, calendar, counting, letter and number of the day

12:45 Reading time/phonograms (letter sounds)

12:50 Seat work – E and 6 worksheet

1:00   Music

Hello Song

Beat                            Beat

Creative Improv      Drum the ocean

Solfege                      Row Row Row Your Boat

Counting                   10 Little Fishies

Social                         Pass a beach ball and talk about swim toys

                                    She Sells Sea Shells 

Movement                Crab walking or limbo to steel drum music

Learning                   The Black Keys

Singing                       Jelly Fish

Sea Gull

1:30    Outside play – parachute fun or fishing

1:55    Wash hands

2:00    Storytime/snack – pretzels

2:10    Creating project– clam with pearls

2:20    Math/science – UNO attack

2:30    Time to go home

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