12:30 Self-Directed learning stations – pattern matching

12:40 Alphabet, weather, calendar, letter and number of the day

12:45 Reading time/phonograms (letter sounds) – reading lesson 10, Bob Book 1

12:50 Seat Work – writing H and numbers 1-10

1:00   Music Circle Time

Hello Song                All Aboard the Music Train

Beat                            Hey Mr. Elephant

Creative Improv      Harvest Song with instruments

Solfege                       ABC, Jingle Bells

Counting                   10 Little Turkeys

Social                         pass bean bag and when music stops they share something—play “Thankful” by Josh Groban

Movement                Aphabet Rumba

Singing                      Jingle Bells, Up On the Housetop

1:30    Outside play

1:55    Wash hands

2:00    Storytime/snack – apples and bananas, Thanksgiving story

2:10    Creating project– Handprint Turkeys: Cut out hands and write one thing we are grateful for on each feather.

2:20    Math/science skills – UNO attack!

2:30    Time to go home

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